Intelliprompt - Methods, Properties, Classes etc

Where can i get a nice breakdown of the meaning and usage of intelliprompt ‘attributes’

e.g Methods, Properties, Class, NameSpace, Constants and Keywords

I’d like to know how they all fit together and how to use them within expressions.

when you are trying to use anyof these

for example Split method of string class
we would enter like this in a assign or writeline activity
Split(your arguments)
keep the cursor between the curly brackets Split(|) and press CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE
which will give us the details on what arguments are to be passed and what namespace is involved and what is the class for the method we have mentioned and what would the output and what would be its datatype

hope this would help you

Cheers @aod

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That’s great many thanks.

That does help, but I’d like to go back a few steps and understand better (in UiPath context), what is a method, class, property, etc, and how they relate to each other.

So for example in the screengrab below, if i type ‘date’, and i see the options below, how do I know which option in the list to use, and in what order, what it does and using what syntax?

The tip showing 'Structure System.DateTime isn’t very helpful to me - what does ‘Structure’ mean, what does ‘System’ mean? And what does ‘DateTime’ in green mean here?


we can simply google that which would get us to MS DOCs where we will be having a detailed notes on each class, its methods, its properties, etc

Cheers @aod