Documentation for classes in UiPath.Core namespace

I’ve found the Guides for Studio, Robot, Orchestrator, Orchestrator API, and Activities. I’ve been through some of the video tutorials and started a course on UiPath Academy. Tried out a custom activity from UiPath Go. I’ve searched the forum.

I still haven’t seen any documentation on the classes in the UiPath namespace, especially UiPath.Core. I think it’s great that UiPath is easy to get started without programming experience, but I’ve already found myself invoking VB snippets when I need a little more glue between activities. The fact that such a critical part of the documentation is missing is a major inhibition on user’s understanding of how activities work together and accomplishing anything that’s less than %100 built in.

Beside that one complaint, what a great product! UiPath found the Goldilocks Zone of Windows UI automation. You’ve made most of what I need to automate simple while still providing the power of general purpose constructs like control flow and the ability to extend with custom activities and invoke activities. Give me those missing docs and you’ll have a perfect score by my recommendation!

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Hi @reid.gould

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Fair point, we could do better on the documentation part here, but from what I understand it is a colossal undertaking as of now, especially due to the rapidly evolving nature of the beast and many similarities with the already existing Microsoft docs.

I cannot guarantee it will happen any time soon, but feel free to reach out to us (either on the Forum or via technical support if you wield the Enterprise license). There is plenty of UiPathers who frequent the Forum and will be willing to shed some light on the particularities you might encounter)

I know it has been a while since this thread was updated, but I would like to ask UiPath to provide at least minimal documentation of internal classes. I downloaded the “Extract Semi Structured Document” activity, and the “simple” version returns a object of type UiPathTeam.MLModel.DataModel.ResultModel object.

In order to work with that object I have to use the UiPath Studio to see what methods and types come up as I typed into the development environment. Even a minimal dump of the public objects in the Assembly, with the methods, properties and types would have been a huge help.