Intelligent Form Extractor: Your license could not be validated

I’m using Intelligent form Extractor and I’m getting the following error.
Can some please tell me how to solve this problem?

Hello @Maryum_Siddique,

Did you use the license key from orchestrator??

I copied API key for Document Understabding to use in Intelligent form extractor activity from here.

and I’m getting this error Data Extraction Scope:Your license could not be validated
I’m processing invoices in a loop and I was running a process which has 9 invoices. It worked fine for 2 invoices and for the third one it gave me this error.

Hello @Maryum_Siddique,

Community API key version has limited pages.
Enterprise API key will have unlimited.

I am getting the same error and using Enterprise API Key.
In fact, the API works fine for ML extractor… Please help

Hello @preetith,

Please refresh API key and try using that.

I’m having the same issue. Were you able to get it resolved?

If you have an Enterprise Trial or Enterprise license, please add “/?edition=enterprise” at the end of the Endpoint argument.


@Ioana_Gligan Thanks Loana,It worked :slight_smile:

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