Data Extraction Scope:Your license could not be validated

Please help me how to resolve this issue

Hi @BasiReddy,

Have you tried connecting to Orchestrator? I’m seeing in your screenshot you’re not connected. :slight_smile:

I did that but still getting the same issue.

Earlier I have used enterprise trial document understanding API key, Now I have changed to Community plan API key. It is working fine.


Hi, I am getting the same error. Could you tell me what the other API key is ? I am currently using “

Hlo @preetith,

The one you are using was end point url and You need to copy the document understanding API key from Orchestrator and paste in API key input.

Have entered the API key from my orchestrator. The API Key works well for ML Extractor. Fails only for Intelligent Form Extractor …

Can you please share me the error screen shot

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