Integration Services Multitenants


In my dev tenant, I’m using the Integration Services for FreshService, with my personal development account. It’s working fine.
I also created the same connection with the same account in PD-tenant.

After publishing the package to Dev-tenant, downloading it, and uploading it to my PD-tenant, the process will not work because the robot uses its own robot-account.
With that robot-account, I can’t create an Integration Service connection, as it is no regular user and cannot log in to orchestrator.

Is there an option to create a connection for a robot account? Or does anybody wat the correct way is to make this work?

Last option is offcourse using regular http request, but really want to make the Integration Services work between tenants.

Hello @bram.vanheuvelen ,

Did you set the connections in PD-tenant as Default?


If I understand this right, you have to have an integration service connection created in your deployment environment and if that is set to Default, the Robot always uses that Default connection for that scope.