Integration Connections not showing for other users or robots

Hi, im having two problems when trying to use any kind of Integration Connection.
The first one, is that Im the only one able to see the connector I created. I have a service account mail connected, and would like to use it in all automationatios, but nobody else is able to see the connection on Automation Cloud.

The scond problem is that, when using the connection via studio project, is everything OK. But, when trying to execute the same project directly via Orchestrator as a Job in another machine, using a robot account (unnatended), a error saying “Invalid connection” occurs.

Hi @lucas.stern
Make sure your package is latest one. Cross verify the your connection in Uipath Integration Serive Page.

The packages are already updated, but the problem is not only on Studio, but even on Orchestrator a connector created by one person dont show to others:
My view:

Coworker view:

I even think that this problem is the same that Im Having when trying to use those connection on a studio project. During development, its working, but, when running in a unnatended robot, an error occurs saying that the connection credentials are no available, probably because the robot user dont has access to these connectors as well.

I am having this same issue with when i run the process on orchestrator i am getting an error that no connection is available, but it runs with no errors from studio. Did you have any luck resolving it?

uipath-google-gmail does not have any connections error

No luck until now Andrew. I opened a ticket with uiPath support, but they told me that Integration Service was not meant to be used by unnatended bots (that uses a robot account), only by those attended process where we use a nominal account to run the process.

Good to know, effectively that makes the integration service completely useless for the implementations we’d planned to use it for.


Exactly. And they are shutting down the integration service. I Dont know why this focus on attended automation recently, but its one more functionality that, at least for me, dont bring anything worthwhile

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