Integration service use case

We have modern folder structure within Orchestrator tenant and robotic users are in pool within folder.

There is an opportunity for us to either use Integration service or Power automate flows to read Outlook emails from different mailboxes for specific subject requirements and trigger target production processes which are currently running on dedicated or specific robotic user.

Can this be accomplished using the integration service? When I attempted it, it seemed to select any available robotic user from the pool.


If I understand correctly …you want to read multiple mail boxes using a single integration service?

If yes then it si not possible…It would be tied to the specific mail box which is accessible by the user using in the integration service connection

You have to create separate triggers for each mailbox

I believe the same applies in power automate as well…to create separate triggers for each connection


@Anil_G : I am okay to create multiple process triggers with specific subject.

Is it possible to trigger specific robotic user on modern folders.
Currently we have multiple scenarios : dedicated robotic users assigned to process under folder OR any robotic user can pick certain process.

Is it feasibile to do using integration services?