Inserting a simple excel file into a mysql database

Hello i am new to UIpath and i am still learning , so part of my requirement i need to get the data from excel into a database lets say a mysql db table.I have created the required tables in the database and a small excel file with names, i want that to be inserted into my database. I have created the odbc dsn connection too as required and passed into the configuration .But while executing its always inserting Null values into the table.Am i doing anything wrong in passing the parameters value please confirm. I am passing the parameter value as : “row.Item(0).ToString”. Or what should be passed in this.

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Were you using Insert activity under Uipath.Database.Activities which can be downloaded from manage packages from design menu
Just we need to pass the datatable obtained from read range and the table name in database as a string to this activity
For more info on this

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Hi @Debasis007

Check this post
How To insert Excel file data into MS SQL table

You can use connect inside for each row and use insert activity and pass it like insert into table name (column name) values (row(0).toString)

This is an example


No Ashwin it did the same thing i cannot attached the snapshot of the process as share here its restricting me to as of new user i guess.

So this is my query passed and the parameter value as below

“INSERT Into employees (names) values (@value1)”

value1 = row(0).ToString (in value column and direction is “in” and type is “string”)