Inserting a row into a table

Hello, I have a steps in which are running a transaction and producing a submission number that I am wanting to add to a database. I already have the steps to connect with the database.

(The submission number is defined as a variable earlier in the sequence) Would the best step be to use the “Execute Query” and insert the submission number variable into the query? and is this even possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi @P_Harry

Yes it is possible

Use Connect activity and execute Query
check the query as "Insert into table name(field1 varchar(30),field2 int) values(‘1’,123564)

or(check this)

Ashwin S


Hi Ashwin thank you for the quick response. Quick question in regards to the example you tagged. when you are writing the query do we need to specify [server].[databasename].[tablename] in that order?


Just Table Name is enough

“INSERT INTO [TableName] VALUES(‘Join’,‘joe’,‘871’)”

okay so i have done a lot playing around and i keep receiving this error:

Could this be because it is not correcting to the db and correctly identifying the tbale?

Could I have query which do u used? @P_Harry

I was able to figure it out. this is the query/syntax that ended up working for me
“INSERT INTO submission (submissionNumber) VALUES(@submission_id)”

Thank you for the help