Insert zero after number

I need to make number 8 digit if number not contain 8 digit then add zero on last to make 8 digit

@Aditya10989 Let’s say you have the number β€œ1234567” in a String variable, say strNumber, then you can add a String β€œ0” at the end of the Number in this way

strNumber = strNumber + β€œ0”

then if I have number 12
then I need to do strNumber = strNumber + β€œ0000000”
So I need to create multiple activities.
This is not correct way

@Aditya10989 Ok. Got it. Will make a workflow to get the needed result.

@Aditya10989 Are there any chances that the input Number can be greater than 8 Digits

no not more then 8 digit it always 8 digit but in some case less then 8 digit but not more then 8 digit

@Aditya10989 Check this Workflow: (15.9 KB)

Check it for all conditions of the number that you get.


thanks bro for help

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