Insert Image/picture in Datatable and write the same in excel

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I’m currently working on a product where i want to insert a image in a specific column based on few conditions. I have tried the below workflow where i have seen in the forum in another thread and not getting the desired result.

While trying to write the datarow i’m getting uipath.core.image text instead of the image.

Kindly suggest some solutions how to proceed on this?

Arun Singh G

sample.xaml (8.0 KB)

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Hi @Arun_Singh,

you have 2 activities to insert the picture in excel.

  1. Insert Image (based on x y position)
  1. Insert image at cell .

Thank you

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Hi Sir,

Thank you! I’ll try the solutions given and share my feedback.

Arun Singh G

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Hi Balamurugan,

I have multiple images in a pdf and have to save them in excel. So, which particular activity of these two activities I need to use?

Rituparna Ray