Insert Picture and Text Into Annotation

Sometimes it is easier to explain using pictures and texts that developers wrote in annotation. Annotations are great way to remind another/different developer what is the intent of the hard-to-understand sequence/workflow of activities. The use of pictures and texts is to make another/different developer understand the complexity in a sequence or workflow.

For the time being, I think it would be great if this were at least added to the Comment activity. I would imagine that this won’t be difficult, since activities already exist where you can take informative screenshots.


Thank you @Anthony_Humphries for the workaround suggestion.

Hi @GreenTea

I’ve saved your feedback for our team to have a look, who knows what future brings :slight_smile:

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I also see a need of this.

We have recently started using the Salesforce API package to perform actions in Salesforce, instead of using the interface. I think in this case it would be extremely helpful to show with pictures what e.g. field you are updating using the API calls, or any other action you are performing in Salesforce.

And we are probably going to use API’s and database handling a lot more in the future.

So +1 to this idea.