Insert new row disturb another row placement

Hi fellow uipath,

i got question why when robot insert row in my excel, it will change the placement of another row.

my gif show example of problem that i encountered

As you can see, the first input suppose to be in A5 but when another input come in, it change to A6

Thanks so much

Hi @mashy2,

Manually also when you insert a row at that position, it will move to A6.

What is the output you are expecting

HI @anil5,
Thank you for your reply!

The output i was expecting actually for previous row did not change.
Example the input is A5 then the next input is B5.

Is there any way to do that?

Thanks so much!


Hi @mashy2,

I think you are using insert/Delete rows activity, where you specify the cell and it inserts the row at that particular cell.

In your case I think you would have specified at A5 so the empty row would have inserted and before A5 value would have moved to A6,
But A4 will remain as it is.

If my understanding is not correct, can you provide ur workflow and Excel sheet.


hi @anil5,

sorry for late reply,

what i meant is, when another input write to B5, the data in A5 suddenly change to A6…
and yes, i do use insert/delete rows activity.
is there any way to prevent this?

Thank you very much if got anyswer

When you use insert/delete row activity, the entire row will be shifted down not only the cell in the column B.

That is the expected behavior of the activity.

Karthik Byggari

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hi @KarthikByggari,

Thank u for the answer!

is there any other activities that can prevent this?


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