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I’m currently working on a product where i want to insert a image in a specific column based on few conditions. I have tried the below workflow where i have seen in the forum in another thread and not getting the desired result.

While trying to write the datarow i’m getting uipath.core.image text instead of the image.

Kindly suggest some solutions how to proceed on this?

Arun Singh G

sample.xaml (8.0 KB)

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Is it like you need to load an image to the excel ryt?

Please follow this steps.
Install a package called BalaReva.Excel.Activities
Drop the activity called ‘Insert Image at cell’
select the image path and file path.
specify the column name.

I’ll share a screenshot if it helps, you can refer it.


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@ balupad14

Thanks krishna for the reply. Actually the problem statement is i dont know the Cell address to give like “C4” or “H4”. I have few conditions in my process, based on that the image needs to be inserted within the cell [not on the cell] next to statement.

Without giving the cell address do we have any other possible solutions.


Hi @Arun_Singh,
if you don’t the cell address then you have to use this one.

Insert Image (based on x y position)
Insert several image in several excel cellBuild

Thank you @Krishna_C to refer the package.