Insert hyperlink to excel cells

Hi All,

I need to add a hyperlink(where hyperlink will be an external shared file path or local file path or the same excel sheet with a different tab) to a particular cell text(Eg : cell # B18: 78, E18: 98)) in excel. I am not supposed to use any other packages apart from the built in UiPath related packages. Is there a VBA code that can be helpful here?

Hello @Krithi1

Did you tried writing to the cell? For example if you have any share point link just add that value to the cell and see whether it’s highlighting as hyperlink or not

Also plz check the below post

No, it’s not highlighting with the hyper link, when I post some link there, the entire link is getting copied over.

I looked into the xaml, but I am not understanding the code “”=HYPERLINK(A2,A2)“”.

May I know, what is this doing exactly here?

I think this formula will make the value as a hyperlink ( As per the above formula , value in A2 cell)

You can try it manually once in ur excel

So, in my case, the display text in the cell will be different, for eg “60”, “66”. "108 etc, where I need to insert hyper link behind it with the shared or local paths that we have. Users can see the hyper link only when they hover over the text in cell.