Error encounter while using 'Insert' activity within database package

Hi all, I’m encoutering a strange issue when trying Insert activity in the database package. I’m able to connect to the database, perform select using Execute Query without any problem, I’m also able to read from Excel and using Insert activity insert data into tables that already exists in the database, e.g. ‘Help’ table.
But when I created few tables myself, I keep encounter such an error "Insert: Dynamic SQL generation is not supported against a SelectCommand that does not return any base table information."
I’ve tried to find out why such an error prompt but don’t have any clue, I also checked ‘user_all_tables’, ‘dba_tab_columns’, there are records exists for the newly created table.
Further more, I’m able to use execute non query to insert records but the ‘Insert’ does not work. Could any expert advice why?

You need to make sure your column headers and datatypes are the same as what they are in your database.

Make sure capitals are the same e.g. First_Name column is not first_name in your datatable in uipath.