Insert column to excel sheet

we want to pick the price and value column from this excel
AggregationData.xlsx (15.6 KB)


Splits_Rover_Staging_2019.xlsx (35.8 KB)

Hi @ashishmani

try to use add data column activity ‘column’ as “Price” and "Value "

Ashwin S

can u make xmal plzzz

is their any one who tell me exact solution


Please check attached workflow there check Aggregation Data excel output sheet. (37.1 KB)


Do you want to read that mentioned two columns right. Then try below steps.

  1. First use Read Range activity to read the data from excel file and will give you output as DataTable and say ‘DT’.

         requiredDT = DT.DefaultView.ToTable(False,"Price","Value").CopyToDataTable

we have to take data from aggregation and fill to split_rover excel sheet, beside the month of jan?feb?march like this…plzz understand my issue.

like this you want


can some help me to solve this issue

Hi @ashishmani: Please try invoke method activity to set the ordinal of the columns price and value , steps:-

1)Extract data columns price and value from data table 1
2) Add data columns to the data table 2
3)by default it will add the columns in the end
4)Now use invoke method to change the ordinal

i already try its not working…
plzz try to make xaml if pssobile.

is their someone who tell me proper method or xaml

can anyone tell the solution

@kommijeevan you have solution

@ashishmani : Here is the xaml file , the data table with new formatted data is the last result . You just need to write the last data table created in to the second excel file of yours in appropriate (71.2 KB)

no sorry to say, but this is not a solution, i think u not understand the issue.
we have to insert “price” and value column in split excel…beside the month of jan /feb/march.
so the month we have to pass from a varible, first we have to match month,
for wxample. if we pass the jan-2019 than, beside the jan we have to insert this two column.

@Kumari_Ekankika plzz read it