Inquiry about UiPath ClipboardAI: Availability, Cloud Deployment, and Release Date Information

Hi everyone, I am interested in learning more about UiPath ClipboardAI and its upcoming availability. Can anyone provide information on when ClipboardAI will be released, whether it will be available on the cloud, and any other details about this feature? Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hey Anthony, Welcome to the forums!

Clipboard AI is currently in Public Preview, aiming for GA (General Availability) on 2024.10

Clipboard AI will be available as a standalone installer, and after 100 copy-paste actions you’ll be requested to sign in as a UiPath Customer, free of charge.

You can register as UiPath Insider (, and you will get access to the private previews, documentations and roadmap for Clipboard AI and much more products, so I’d recommend registering!


Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated. Do you know if Clipboard AI will be offered as cloud based or offered as on premises and if any information is available regarding licence and cost?