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Q1. What I want to do is I saved c1:c30 as dt1 in the read range above, but I don’t know how to write it by going to column “b” after collecting data, so I’m using “B”+(Counter+1).ToString.

How can I move from the column I’m working on to the “B” ROW without using this method?

My solution.
I’m filling in the data through the counter in column B as a really simple solution. OMG…

Q2. Also, if there is no data in column C after writing C1:C999 in the read range, I would like to skip to the next row.
Ex) “C1 = EMAIL” → “C2 = NULL” → SKIP → “C3 = EMAIL”

My solution.
This is also very simple. If there is no data collected from FOREACH, I use the IF statement to process item.ToString = “” == “”.


You can use write range with only start cell and it would write how much ever data is there in the datatable

You need not loop through…

Just use read range with c1:c30 and then use write range with B1


@Anil_G I tried, but I failed. :rofl:

I will study more about use write range. Thank you.


The output table you get from read rnage should be passed to write range thats it


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