Inputting a variable into Get row item, Row

Hi, I am trying to use the get row item function to find a value on a row using a variable created as the RowIndex output of a lookup data table variable (so it is an int32 variable). However get row item won’t let me input this variable as a valid row input, as the "Value of type ‘integer’ cannot be converted to ‘System.Data.DataRow’.
how should I solve this?

thanks for your help

This activity will take a DataRow as an input and not an integer!

Can explain what actually are you trying to get from the datatable?

how would I go about converting the integer to a DataRow, if that is possible?

I am inputting a field, then trying to navigate across the row to another column and pick out a piece of data corresponding to the row input.

Are you trying to select a particular item from the row? The syntax for that looks like that:
Both indexes are int values
In a specific scenario, to select the first item from the first row you would input:

Hi, I think you can set the property of your index variable to ‘’:blush: