Input string was not in a correct format


Hello People,

I’m getting this error

Input string was not in a correct format
Exception Type: Format exception

when I try to compare if a variable1 < Int32.Parse(variable2) in a Flow Decision Element
The variable1 is a numer variable and variable2 is a String variable.

Please advise.


Use Convert.ToInt32(variable2) to convert string to Int


Is it a whole number or a decimal? This error usually happens if you try to put a floating point number as an Int (whole number).


Is a number variable


I tried with Convert.ToInt32(variable2) and didn’t work


And there’s no alpha or special characters at all? You might need to trim the spaces.


Spaces don’t interfere (as long as they’re not any of those “special” spaces).

@desquivel - can you give some samples of the numbers?

Edit @ClaytonM
My bad, spaces can interfere if they are between characters.
I got it wrong because of instant correlation of Trim = String.Trim(), which only removes whitespace from beginning and end. I guess that’s what I got for replying too fast :wink:


No man, I set “0” as default to string variable2 and assign a number using screem scraping -> get visible text


Put a WriteLine just before it and see if it actually scrapes a number (screenshot would be nice as well, so we can help better).


Basically I’m getting the number of pages of a PDF file, so, I send CTRL + D with a HotKey Element then I use Screem Scraping and inside I use Get Visible Text and in the selector property use Attach to a live element…
but I realize sometimes the bot get the number of pages but other times don’t.
Exist a better way to get the number of pages of a PDF File?


Here I assign the number of pages in this case variable2.


If you put variable2.ToString in WriteLine, what’s the output?


I solved the bug, The problem was the screen scraping, The element was not capturing the information correctly.
Thank you all.


Hi, i have an error: Add to collection: Input string was not in a correct format.
I am trying to add some strings from a data table into a list of doubles. I write this in the Add to collection activity: convert.ToDouble(dt.Rows(index).Item(countLetter))
The problem is that when I run again without any modifications, it works there, but it stops me later with the same error.
Can you help me please?