Input String was not in a correct format Values

Hello Team

I am trying to divide row(1) to row (3) which i was got from excel sheet and i have declare two integer variables like coolervalue1 and coolervalue2 , and then want to store row value into this variable but first variable successfully stored the value but coolervalue2 shows me error message while running which is input string was not in a correct format,


Hi @Khawaja_Junaid,

Have you check with the cell values?
It might contains some alphabets or special characters.

if you are reading from excel, make sure there are no spaces in that cell as it would be unable to convert to integer.
Try row(3).ToString.Trim - this will remove whitespace before and after the value.

HI @Khawaja_Junaid

Can you write variable value using write line and check weather it have any alphabets …