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Is there a way to check on all input modes I am using in the application by search, rather than opening each workflow and examine each click and type into?

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Hi @A_Learner ,

I am afraid not.
But it is an interesting ask though, awaiting to see the replies and learn the method if any.



I don’t think so we have such option.
We normally follows the Project level Targeting methods.

We change it only rare case scenario at activity or Use Application/Browser scope level due to this problem finding and changing whenever required.

Activity property takes priority when we change it activity level else project level.

Ashok :slight_smile:

No. I looked for a way to do this and couldn’t so I ended up just going through and clicking each activity to check the input mode. Sucks.

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All those project settings change is the options that are selected when you first add an activity. Those settings don’t actually control the input mode in the activities. You can manually change the input mode for an activity after adding it, regardless of what the project settings say.

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