Input dialog features:

Hi there, I’m passing a list of strings to a dropdown menu in the Create Form activity. Does any one know if it’s possible to select multiple options from this list?

Thank you in advance!

yes you can. Use this option :
And you can mark more values:
Please take a look into my workflow: (3.4 KB)

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Thanks for your response
as of your code we need to remove others which we are not required apart from this is there any chance of selection of only few values from multiple values.
because in my code i am having more than 50 values.

what do you mean " we need to remove others which we are not required" ?
If you know which values from list are not need you can remove these value from the list before you display form.

once I run the code it shows multiple values in that I need to select required although it needs to remove other values. rather this any option are there to select multiple values from drop down apart from removing unwanted and only required .

example:if i want to select value1,value2 from screens as shown in screenshot .it is required to remove other remaining there ant way to select from drop down only required values.