Inject JS script does not recognize functions from external javascript files

Hi all,

We have an issue in injecting Javascript in web applications.

The application uses kendo grid. I’m trying to achieve filter grid using kendo filter function. The script does not recognize the function when executed.

The issue is very similar to this post.

Inject JS Script not recognising the javascript function existing in the downloaded script filesRPA Developers

Hi All, Please look at the below code that i am using in injectjs activity file (“a”).each(function () { addUrlToName((this)); }); “addUrlToname” exists in one of the scripts file thats loaded with the web page. Dont know why its not working, may be the injectjs script is running before all the scripts are loaded. [ScriptInjection]

Any inputs will be greatly helpful.


Hi @Palaniyappan,

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were the page or the element where we want to inject is selected

Yes @Palaniyappan! I have indicated the page in the selector. I have also tested it by simple alert script.


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Hi @vvaidya,

Any thoughts on this? we are using kendo grid for table and we need to filter based of field value.

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You started in a good way issue Analysis. I can recommend you to start with simple Alert, later with Input Argument and finally Return from Javascript. Once this is working you will get the Option to retrieve any js exceptions From invoking the function of what you tried.

If function call still fails then the availability of the function is more to analyse

Hi @ppr,

Thanks for the reply!

I have tried alert statement and it’s working. Issue starts only when I start calling function.

Please find below for the type of table we are using.

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Any thoughts on this @aksh1yadav ?