Initializing Date Time variable to null

Dear Team,

How to Assign null value or blank space for a Date Time Variable.

Tried with Initializing with Nothing but coming with a default value 00-01-1900 instead of this i Need Blank data


It looks like you cannot have a null value for a regular datetime variable, it defaults to that 00-01-1900.

I am not sure about your use case, but you can set the variable type to Nullable, and then do the initial assignment:

datetime = new nullable(of datetime)

It returns a blank value for me. This will mean that the value can be null, which might not be the best solution for you, so check if it makes sense to you.

Hi @S Savickas

Getting error has
option strict on disallows implicit conversions from ‘Date?’ to ‘Date’
where my variable is of type system.DateTime

A Manohar

Hello @Manohar1
You can change datatype datetime to Nullable


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