How to initialize dictionary(of string,Int32[])




I am new in UiPath. I was trying to initialize a dictionary(of string,Int32[]).
It is showing error. I tried with different combinations but nothing worked.
Can anyone please guide me on this?



@ArupBan, Intialise like this new Dictionary(of string, Integer())

Dominic :slight_smile:


Hello there,
Adding to Dominic quote, UiPath do provide all the dictionary activity in place:slight_smile:

  • AddToDictionary
  • ClearDictionary
  • GetFromDictionary
  • KeyExistsInDictionary
  • RemoveFromDictionary
  • ValueExistsInDictionary


Thanks Dominic!



in my studio these activities are not visible, already I search with the name of Dictionary in Manage packages, but it not showing. Can you tell me how o get this