Step by step guide to setup High Availability and Disaster recovery

Could someone please share or guide me to step by step process to setup high availability and Disaster recovery in UiPath?

up. seems also the documentation is quite confusing.

Hi @dhennespiritu

Could you help us spot the confusing parts? I’m sure @Madalina_Boboc would love to fix that :slight_smile:

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I already installed the orchestrator, and some parts are not commented to fully understand, in fact, I had to raise a ticket to know more.
Some things that are not explicit in the documentation are that to share the Packeges in two Orchestras (Active-Active or Active-Passive) and do the deployed in any of them, you MUST have a shered folder and the path must be configured in both Orchestrator in the “webconfig”.
The documentation says that the communication between the Orchestrator and the Robotit must be in “https” (port 443) and this is necesary if you use a balancer (F5), if you don’t need it and the communication is directly, you can use “http” (port 80)