Infrastructure As A Service

I would like to ask if anyone has faced with the issue of “how to build UiPath infrastructure to deliver as a service”?

I am interested if anyone was thinking about building own infrastructure or using cloud services

Thank you for your points!


@jakubvanhara, It’s all depends on your business model and client need.
If you have shop of different variants then you can design different cost models depends on your service.

For example if you are offering infra as a service to your client then design multiple models. One of with AWS and another one is with out AWS.
it’s all depends on your SLA what you are going to commit with your customer depends on budget.
as a current market trend AWS is the correct one to support clients.
Hope i answer your question.

@rkelchuri thank you for a reply!

Well, I am at the start of this (as a service) journey so I wanted to get in touch with someone who is experienced.

Meanwhile, I will find out more about possibilities in infrastructure with AWS.


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for AWS you need to contact UiPath sales team to get aws license.
@ovi please share AWS infra documents and process if any available.

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