Infra for SQL Connect Activity

I have a SQL server which needs to be connected via UiPath and retrieve data. What are the infra required to achieve this. By infra I mean, what are the additional installations I have to do on the dev machine for this to work.

This sql server requires VPN to connect, so VPN is installed. Do we need sql client like sql server manager, dbeaver etc to be installed also inorder for the connect activity to work? If additional installations are required, what all should be configured within that?

Please recommend me the best available option to achieve this.

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Are you referring to the Database Connect activity?

Here’s a post which can help you to connect a SQL database: Connect to SQL Database - UiPath

Documentation for the Connect activity:

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Hi, thanks for the response. What I am looking for is pre-requisites before using the UiPath database connect activity. Do I need to install sql server client in my dev environment? Whether it has to be always up and running if the bot has to get data from db etc…

In short, I am looking for the mandatory installations to be done, so that I can use database connect activity.


It’s more on the access grant for the accounts who can access the target database. For example, we need to grant access for the robot account in order to connect on the database.

From the development perspective, it’s better to have a database for dev/test and a separate one for Prod.

As for the activity, we just need the connection string for it work properly.

Keep in mind that the database activities only works with the Windows and Windows-Legacy type of projects and will not work with the Cross-platform ones.

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Understood. Separate Access to the db for dev and prod is ready. I have the username and password also the VPN is enabled. But within Connect activity, how can I select the required db?

The database I am trying to connect is a remote one sitting on a server, I have to connect it via VPN. Fyi, NO LOCAL INSTANCE OF DB IS RUNNING.

There is no values in the dropdown.

This made me think and happen to see below articles, in these it is saying we need a local instance running so that database connect can work. I am here to verify, whether this is the right approach or not.

Well, in most cases, it is best to have a local instance of the database.

Okay, thanks

Did you find a way to connect to SQL without the need for a local installation?

Did you get an answer?

Did you get an answer?

I haven’t tried it yet as I am waiting to get my sql credentials. I have raised a ticket with UiPath for getting an appropriate approach. Do you have any insights on this?

Not yet! You got any suggestions?

I managed to connect to sql without a local installation of DB, but before connecting to sql I need to connect to a vpn

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Thanks for the update. So I assume you provided the parameters (server name, username, and password) within the connection string and it worked. Right?

Yeah VPN is mandatory in my case too. Any thoughts on automating that other than bot doing UI automation on the VPN app?

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