Indicating a pop up window

I am developing a bot where the bot needs to login to an application. Once the bot types in password and press submit button, the application loads up some settings every time which is shown in a pop up window. Once the settings are loaded, the bot needs to perform some tasks. The problem here is that, the time required to load up settings is unpredictable. Sometimes it takes like 30sec to complete the process while at some instances it completes in few seconds. So, I tried to use ‘On Element Vanish’ activity for the bot to wait until the pop up window disappears but when I try to indicate the UI Element, it’s not allowing to indicate the pop up window alone. Can anyone give me a suggestion please. Thanks

You can use ImageExists in DoWhile loop, find the attached sample workflow. In addition to if you want you can set outer limit. WaitInValuation.xaml (11.9 KB)