Index was outside the bounds of the array!


I just do not get it! Why am i getting this error :thinking:



  • devicePrice = β€œ95000-150000”



  • arr_devicePrices = devicePrice.Split({β€œ-”}, StringSplitOptions.None)



Everything is okay in the immediate panel but i am getting errors when i run the file :thinking:

Do you have extra space chars in the expression in the assign in your screenshot? It looks like this:

devicePrice.Split({" - "}, StringSplitOptions.None)

remove the two spaces here

it works in immediate panel because you dont have spaces, but in your workflow you have spaces

It was removed already. I just wanted to add two spaces to try after getting errors again and again.

So normally there is no space :robot:

Try use

can i get both of them anyway ???

for example ;

minPrice = 95000
maxPrice = 150000

Yes, the same way before


I have tried like this but i got the same error.

Also here is how i see in the queue :thinking:

Try without StringSplitOptions


Hi @170290064 ,

Could you maybe clean up your variables and arguments and check whether duplicate names are used for variables or arguments ? The Split is checked at our end and it does work.

If the Splitting part is happening in a Separate workflow, could you maybe share the screenshot of the whole workflow or if possible the workflow itself ?

Okay but after that how can i get them in different variables ???

It works perfectly fine if device type is television but interestingly i am getting error if its a computer or phone :thinking:


Please check the values properly…looks like it is a data issue


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