Index was outside the bound of the array

Hello @vimal

As per the error the Array doesn’t have these many items and that why it throwed the errors Index was outside the bound of array. So make sure the length of array.

For example if you created an array of 4 elements and if you try to get the 6th index element, it will throw this error.

Int Count = varArray.Count

Above expression gives you the size of array.


Hi @vimal

Can you share the input in the first row in excel file?

You are splitting the row(0) based on the Space . You must have 4 words or more something like this

Test data Sample Test

Can you check it out the excel value.

You can use Try catch activity to avoid this error.


yeah but have many columns with different length
i want to split one

column with space

Hi @vimal

row(0) → Will look into first column in the excel file.

So you can try with row("Topic") to split the expression


same problem occurs

Have you tried with this activity? @vimal

no i have not tried

Try with that and let us know

In the file you have only two Space so it may happen while processing


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