Index was outside the bounds of the array in assign 1

how to fix this problem thanks

Can you confirm your variable of getText activity?
You can Print it once to confirm if the get is working as expected.

hi ,
Simply use index method to get particular text.

clientname=ocrstring.Substring(temp.IndexOf(“Client Name”)+12,tempid-12).Trim.ToString

country=ocrstring.Substring(temp.IndexOf(“Client Country”)+15,tempid-15).Trim.ToString

Hope It Works

Your logic looks fine but its not the issue about your logic. I want to confirm if your gettext has any data or not.
So if your print of gettext variable is not getting anything then its wrong. can you recheck?

i get this

can you reindicate the getText activity. I think its not scrapping the value correctly.
You can run it individually to confirm.

I think once that is fixed your split will work.

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ok, one argument is not mapped correctly. Check the argument mapping in invoke.

Having the same issue please help