Increment Text formula in 'what to write' in Write Cell function

In their infinite wisdom Studio X only does dates in en-us (mm/dd/yyyy) which means I can’t directly use a date value in my spreadsheet and paste it into the date field of the web form.

So I’m trying to format the date in the spreadsheet by copying the existing date (column C) and writing it into the next cell (column D) string.Format("=TEXT(C2,"“dd/mm/yyyy”")") but of course I can’t get the formula to increment for each new row, but it will increment where it writes to:

What you need is to use the AutoFill activity. This replicates what you do in Excel when you double click the bottom-right corner of the selected cell.

The result will be:

As a side note, we are aware of the limitation around “value formatting limited only to en-us”. The new packages will contain a project/scope option which will allow you to use the text in the cell as you see it (display value).


Thanks, that worked to fill the column.
The next issue is that as this is an unnamed column when I use the Type into ‘INPUT’ function the Type this selection doesn’t increment the row value:

Currently it puts D2 into the form field for every loop of the Excel row
Using Current Row > Indicate in Excel won’t select anything - I need to use Current Row column D

For unnamed columns you should see “A”, “B”, “C”, … in the dropdown for the “used range” of the worksheet. If the values don’t appear, you can use “Custom input” to specify the column. Please make you sure you have filled in the range you are iterating on in the “For Each Row” activity.

Tried that, got an error stating that column D could not be found:

Has anyone got a solution to this issue?
The solution Flavius gave doesn’t work, which technically I believe should from my understanding of what StudioX is trying to achieve with this functionality but patently doesn’t.
Is there any detailed documentation on the Custom Input function for naming a column?