Increase index number

I have a activity where i use “get text” to access a row inside a program.

I have to make a performance where i increase the systems index. How can i do this. Want to be able to increase it by one if the result its not satisfied

we can use a variable out there
for more details on creating variable in selector

Cheers @langsem

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You can use a do while Loop and let IT Exit once you found the expected result.

The Index Info can be Setup as an integer variable starting with 1. For each loop the Index can be increased in the end by using an assign Activity

Index = Index +1

The Index Info can be used within the selector as descriped by @Palaniyappan. Maybe some integer to String conversion is to incorporate

Let US know your Open questions

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thanks will defently give this a shot, the first one worked btw

Perfect IT IS absolutely recommended to use this newer Feature for bringing variables to selectors.

For Second part some more Starter Help

Define a bool variable. hasFound
This will Store the Evaluation result of the get Text and will Trigger If the do while Loop will Exit or Not

So in the do while Block Just incorporated the get Text with the Index Info,
Do the Evaluation on the get Text Output
Exit do while or increased Index by plus one

THanks, yes this its just one into many steps. The flow goes pretty deep

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