In get visible text activity extracted text is not trimming

Hi, I have used the Get Visible Text. But the text is not trimming.

But the same text if I store in local var and it’s trimming. @Palaniyappan

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Hi @balkishan

Have you tried using StrText.Trim

Ashwin S

Hi @balkishan

GET VISIBLE TEXT activity usually Extracts a string and its information from an indicated UI element using the Native screen scraping method.

and if we want to trim the value then we can use Str_output.Trim so that the value in the variable gets trimmed off as you said

Cheers @balkishan

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Hi Palani, It’s trimming but it’s not further Replacing \r\n???

see it’s trimming the blank space. But now it’s not replacing \n\r

Text Sample :- STANDARD \r\n(Direct \r\nDebit) MATERNITY COVER \r\n(Direct \r\nDebit)

@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando

Hey @balkishan

You can try the below code to remove those…

origString.Replace(vbCr, "").Replace(vbLf, "")

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