ExtractedText.Trim.Replace is not visible to use

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Im trying to extract the pdf data to excel, here i wan to use ExtractedText.Trim.Replace function.
but it is not avilable for me to use. do i need to install any package. Please suggest

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HI @niranjan.kummara

ExtractedText variable is String datatype?

Try this


@Sudharsan_Ka I dont see ExtractedText is avilable for me to use, i could see ExtractData. Am i missing anypackage.

What is the datatype of that variable? @niranjan.kummara

@Sudharsan_Ka i want to read pdf file, after Read PDF Text → Im using Assign–>i think this is text format only.

Can you able to share the PDF and the flow screenshot or the flow here @niranjan.kummara ?

Most probably the Scope is the problem here @niranjan.kummara

Go and click on the Read PDF Text then click on variables panel below and change the scope to top most scope like

Your Extracted text is in the child sequence or flowchart you need to change the scope to parent sequence or Flowchart to use the ExtractedText outside the Child Sequence


@Sudharsan_Ka Here is the screenshot


Can you hover to that warning and then send screenshot?

@Sudharsan_Ka Plese find the below error

Click on the Read PDF Text and then you will see properties in the right hand side send that screenshot @niranjan.kummara

@Sudharsan_Ka please check

Not this @niranjan.kummara

Click on read PDF Text and then share the screenshot

@Sudharsan_Ka Please check

So you need to use like this @niranjan.kummara


But what data is in the PDF and what are you trying to replace?


@Sudharsan_Ka I would like to read pdf data to Excel file, im building the workflow as per the videos. PDF has table of data i would like to extract same to excel.
any simple workflow.

Refer to this @niranjan.kummara


@Sudharsan_Ka thanks for your help, any recorded videos on pdf data as it is extraction to excel. Please help

@Sudharsan_Ka kindly have a look at this below post regarding PDF to EXcel data extract

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