In Form Designer,How to set up one checkbox value dynamic an orther checkbox?

Hi guys.
As below picture,If the checkbox2 value is keep the same value with the checkbox1 dynamic.
I need a sample.

ForFormDesigner.xaml (7.0 KB)

Anyone knows how to implement it?

Hi @donghai - it is not clear on the logic you are trying to accomplish, are you able to help clarify a little more please?

Hi @sangL
Thanks for your reply.
I just want to create a control check all the box,or cancel check all the box.

Hi @donghai - there is not a feature that supports this but we will run some tests using the existing logic to see if we can achieve this. We will follow-up – thanks.

Hi @donghai Please find the below steps to achieve this usecase.

  1. create a checkbox (i.e SelectAll)

  2. Add the below code into all the checkboxes you want you select/deselect on above checkbox

  3. checkbox → click on ‘Edit Json’ then add the code.

    “calculateValue”: “value = data.selectAll;”,
    “allowCalculateOverride”: true

I attached the sample workflow. Please check selectAll Checkboxes.xaml (9.9 KB)
cc: @sangL

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Hi @Tamilselvan
It’s perfect! Thank you very much!

Hi @Tamilselvan
Thanks! English isn’t my home language, so maybe I can’t describe my problem so clear :slight_smile:

Best regards!

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