Images data retrieval process using OCR

Hi everybody

I want to scrap the data from image file(.jpeg)using OCR and a few other ways. But no luck with that. Can anyone suggest the best solution for this issue?

Try with Screen Scrapping option from design menu once
But make sure the file or image is opened using start process activity by passing the file path as input, before using screen scrapping activity

kindly try this and let know for any queries
Cheers @ganesh_rajan

Do you have any sample flow?

Sorry i dont have any such
but we still can get this done
is any progress made with the above suggested method
Cheers @ganesh_rajan

But few data is I need to convert to excel can I do this?

Can i have a view on the screen scrapping wizard after scrapping if possible
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But few words is missing

Increase the scale to 8 or 9 and select the region once buddy with the above option

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OK after this

How to execute excel table format?

Fine @ganesh_rajan

Usually a image that is fetched as a image can be converted to a table only if it has a table kind of image structure…
Else we wont be able to buddy… directly with generate datatable activity
But still
Though Here the terms are mentioned in different structure which we get them with string manuipulation and assign each value to a variable and use write cell to enter those variable value to a excel cell

Cheers @ganesh_rajan

Hi @ganesh_rajan

Do this based on string array loop it through for each and pass it to datatable based on add data row activity


Here the data is improper format.we can’t define the array index here.

Great you got the point…
Cheers @ganesh_rajan

So,what is the solution finally?

Use match activity and use regex expressions as?<=Tai and get the next text values like this use match activity

Or based on string length take the substring


in this situation… can i use generate date table activity?

I will try this also