Image in Email Body - Using Send Email Activity

Hello UiPath Community,

I have tried with below

  1. html → img src
  2. html → img content-id

Not able to achieve the solution.
I need image(which is extracted from an email and saved in the local folder) in the email body and send email.

Please assist.
Thank You.

Hi @Rajesh.Attada01

can u share the body of email in txt format ?

Hi Nived,

“<img src=‘cid:’”+oAttachment.ContentId+“‘’>”

is there any way to achieve with img src → html?

It will be just visible on your local machine with href

Can u try regex to extract the img src

Like this


@NIVED_NAMBIAR and @Pravin_Patil1
Thanks both of you for assisting me.

Got the solution.

  1. Read image into Byte

  2. Convert Byte Array to base64 String

  3. Place the base64String inside the HTML img tag
    “<img src=”“data:image/jpg;base64, base64String”“alt=”“Red Dot”“>”

  4. Happy Face → you will see the image in the email body as output.


Great work!

Thank You Pravin.

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