About "Data Scraping"

I want scraping every page,but I got only 2 pages of information.
At this step"Is data spanning multiple pages?“,I press “yes”,and then indicate that”>".
Finally,I build a new elsx files,"Write range workbook"the Output datatable(ExtractDataTable) on it.
How could I do it well?

use extract datatable

Make sure that the anchor is provided such that it doesnt change after going to the next page


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Hi @herowhite ,
You can check video UiPath Tutorial 26 - Automate Web Data Extraction | Data Scraping | Extract Structured Data | Part 1 - YouTube
I think can limit number of page what you want

we assume that had indicated the > button.

Check the selector and ensure that it is not containing any page 2 specifics. Feel free to share the next selector with us for a review

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