Identical Images Comparison - (UiPath Community 2022.12.0)

Hello Team,

We are using UiPath studio version 2022.10 including windows dependencies. Actually we have found one activity to compare identical images but that activity only present in windows - legacy dependencies. And we have developed the code in windows dependencies so there we are not able to use identical image activity that is not compatible with windows project.

So my query is is there any activity for comparing identical images in windows dependencies UiPath studio or are there any alternatives for achieving this ?

Link for image comparison activity which is created in windows legacy environment - Image Activities - Image Comparison - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Thanks in advance!


You can try opening one image and then use find image/image exists activity to check if the image matches or not



The only way is that the library gets an update to work with both, windows and windows - Legacy, until that happens you will be able to use in windows - legacy projects.