I'm stuck at Level 1 with 60%. can some one help me?



I’m stuck at Level 1 with 60%. can some one help me??


Hi @samatha_dalavai,

Please re-watch the videos once and revise the important concepts once. I’m sure you will be able to crack it.

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Hi Samatha,

Just watching videos and attending tests wont make u pass. First of all install UiPath Community Edition and once u have completed the video cross check the information they have provided in the video practically with the UiPath tool. Download the study materials and study the usage of each of every concept. In the study material navigate through all these links as shown in the screenshot

, if u are not clear no problem watch the video again. Because this is the foundation for what u r going to learn in upcoming classes.
All the Best!!

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Thank you for your suggestion :blush: