I'm unable to complete the assignment 2 of level 3

Hey , does anyone know why I’m getting an error completed 16 correct 0 in uipath academy assignment submission?


Please contact the support of UiPath Academy :

Cheers absam

I have done that but they haven’t responded

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@Damien its still the same . The support team has asked me to get help from the forum so :frowning_face: . could you take a look at where I might have gone wrong , here is the link:https://cdn2.dcbstatic.com/files/u/i/uipath_docebosaas_com/1584093600/Wlp8jJbFRU5j1W-5jsNzSw/deliverable/4b55cd3f-fb32-8a8b-96bd-1992272146bb.mp4

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Hum, its look good. Have you tried to send them your code instead of a video?

@Damien have sent the code multiple times but the issue is with the Correct items

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@absam I didn’t have done it with IE, I would personnaly recommand to use Chrome (I always prefer automation on chrome, but Its just personal point of view, a colleague have done it well with IE).
Maybe check that all the files names are correct when you are updating the files.

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Check your Queue on Orchestrator, see if your transactions are successful…

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