I'm having trouble removing google account in chrome browser

Good morning friends;

One question please:

When I logged out of the google chrome account, many problems began to appear, for example:

It popped up asking me if I wanted to save my password. (When days before I configured chorme to never save passwords)

The chrome extension appeared asking me if I wanted to translate the pages (when I put it a few days before, I never translated this page)

I was starting to have problems with other bots, since supposedly the bot that I ran earlier closed the page wrong, and I was wondering if I wanted to restore it.

Has something similar happened to you, or do you run your bots with the chrome browser logged in with an account?


usually the robot run at production enviroment, which just have the uipath extension installed. Any other extension will be consider a problem for the automation, and run without any logged account so chrome will not ask to save the credentials

can you try deactivating all the unused extensions and try again



I was previously with an account, then the account was deleted, since then the problems appeared.

I left it without any google account and verified that the options “ask if you want to save passwords” is disabled, but the next day I got the error again.