illuminet Solutions - intelligent automation consultancy - Uipath certified RPA Developer - leamington spa - United Kingdom - Full Time

Job title: Uipath certified RPA Developer
Job role: RPA Developer
Country: United Kingdom
City: leamington spa
Company name: illuminet Solutions - intelligent automation consultancy
Employment Type: Full Time
Seniority level: Associate 3 to 5 years

Job Description:

RPA Developer Uipath certified

CORE Skill recruitment

Confident to take the lead in UiPath.

Either CERTIFIED in Uipath Advanced level with 3+ years (ideally 5/6) of programming experience in Uipath.

  • Uipath processing mining existing experience is strongly desirable.


Ideally, in the background, you have strong software development and coding experience and a software-focused Computer Science degree/Masters.

The Intelligent Automation team location – Leamington spa. The role is hybrid.

Reporting Line:

To the Head of Automation and AI, DATA and AI

The RPA Developer is a key role in Illuminet and is a member of the Consulting Division and the IA (Illuminet Automation) Management Team. The primary purpose of the Division is to achieve or exceed Illuminet’s RPA growth or delivery targets in revenue and profitability for Consulting related services.

Individual requirements:

The RPA Developer must be self-motivated, willing to travel to client offices and to the team or RPA meetings when required.

The RPA Developer will have a background in leading and delivering consulting-based automation and RPA projects and have knowledge of core RPA vendor technologies (Blue Prism, UIPath) that Illuminet are partners with.

Job Brief:

• An experienced consultant and leader in RPA.

• You will be able to do the end-to-end process from process development including Bot deployment in the orchestrator or the control center

• Desirable, you will be able to work closely with potential and existing clients as an RPA Business Analyst.

• Able to work at a strategic, RPA design and tactical level solutions

• Experienced with working with a number of different components on the chosen RPA technology and fluent in the technology.

• Successful in working in large and small consulting organisations

• Comfortable building and deploying bots end to end.

• Bot testing, bug fixing, error handling, REF and cloud management or deployment.

• Able to identify requirements and articulate or document the automation process.

• Mastered the robotic process automation technology of choice either Uipath or an awareness of other RPA technology at an advanced level. Having produced many bots you are ready to join an exciting vibrant expanding intelligent automation team of multiple RPA technologies.

• Adherence to the “Illuminet Way”.

• Working in a timely manner.

• Able to work in a team, continual learning to keep up to date on the latest changes with your RPA tool of choice, its community e.g. Uipath or other technology.

Key Responsibilities:

· Responsible for contributing to the overall Illuminet intelligent Automation team

o Understanding business process or customer requirements and RPA developer objectives from a technical aspect and translating them into deployable robotic process automation published bot solutions.

o Deliver automation RPA as a developer consistently in a timely manner in either Uipath or other technology.

· Participate in the growth strategy, and planning meetings.

· Multiple positions available

· For further information please send the CV.

· Please note you will be interviewed by an RPA developer in the technology of choice.
UK-based you must have the eligibility to work in the UK.

Apply here:

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