Illegal Character - move file

Hello !

I am building a program that can manipulates various PDF files in the same folder.

After getting information from these PDF files through a loop, i would like to move them in another folder called “Archived”

With the “move file” activity (last step of the loop) I have difficulties to set a path name that allows me to move each PDF file.

Each PDF file has a title like : “Bill_n°_12596.pdf” (only the number differs from pdf files)

So i tried to put in these two path name :

  1. “C:\Users\EDupraz\Documents\UiPath\PDF_extraction_project\Bill_n°*.pdf” (does not work)
  2. “C:\Users\EDupraz\Documents\UiPath\PDFDT_test\Bill_n°” + * + “.pdf” ( calls for Illegal character)

How should i name my path name so the “move file” activity can move each file of the folder.

Thank you for your help !

Problem solved,

I just had to put my variable that allows me to read all pdf files in my loop as the “path name”

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I have same issue can u tell how u have accesed .

Hey @ravi_gupta , what is your problem exactly ?

I have file like “data 12/12/2019.csv” i have try to read file in read csv like “data*.csv” its giving i illegal character .
I have also done like “data”+*+".csv"
Help me to read the file .
Thank you

Do you want to read only this file or do you have a bunch of files in folder and you want to read all of them ?

Only one file

But that file is changing daily with date

Id suggest to first get the file in that directory and then move that result file.
for get you can use “data*.csv” as it takes wild-card.

Can u ellaborate or send a .xaml file to me please

Ok first thing is that i dont think file names allow / in windows.
Assuming you have a different file name and ignoring the file name for now you can try the logic in attached. GetFile.xaml (7.3 KB)

Since you said only one file i have not used a loop. You can add if required.

For One file it is working fine but for multiple file its not working

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yes, like i told you , can you please add the whole logic inside a for loop and you should be good :slight_smile:
Let me know if you have any difficulties.