Move File - Illegal characters in the path

I want to use the activity Move File to rename a file.

In the left side, you can see the logs of the Log Message activity I used above the Move File in order to see what values enter in the Move file process.

What do you think is the illegal character? I want to arrest it and move on :slight_smile:

Another example (again monocrom invoice):


You should paste the actual strings into a text editor and attach a file. Maybe a line feed/carriage return?

Hi @msan
Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
Can you please spoon-feed me a bit? I don’t understand what I have to do :frowning:

@Cardon_Cezar, hey can you attach a screenshot showing the below full window pane, it has some details that could help identify the problem.


Hi @SenzoD
Thank you for your clarification.

Invoice: β€œC:\Users\cezar\Desktop\Cezar\UiPath - Demos\Process Invoices2\Invoices\04-05-2020_monocrom_invoice_1.pdf”

Hello @Cardon_Cezar,

Could you please open notepad and copy into it the values from the debugger for invoice and newFileName without modifying them then save the new text file and attach it to your answer.

Here you are

Move File - Illegal characters in the path.txt (978 Bytes)


There is a carriage return in your new filename


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