If your new to RPA, which courses should i take on the UIpath academy?

Hi guys as the title suggests, im relatively new to RPA and wanted to get advanced in it to a stage where i can start an RPA based agency targeting a niche.

I wanted to ask which UiPath academy courses should i go through to get to a stage where i have the knowledge and expertise in creating my own rpa based agency (theres no indication on the order to go through them and there is sooo many - i just need to know which are the most universal courses)

and also what are the best Industries that would benefit from rpa?


To start woth rpa developer foundation adn advanced will be your courses



Those 3 would be your starting courses


First you can go for RPA developer foundation course. It will have all the basics of UiPath.
After that you can go for RPA developer advanced.

But make sure to complete each task end of each chapter in that course. And try to read the documentation of each topic it will help you if you want to write any certification in future.

All the best.